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Managed Services

24/7 Monitoring

A remote monitoring agent on every computer


Anti-virus licensing and real time monitoring and alerts


IT automation such as creating restore points, clearing temp files, checkdisks, etc.

Regular Updates

Patch management such as weekly windows updates to ensure the security of every computer, updates to Microsoft office, driver updates, java updates, adobe updates, etc.


Advanced maintenance without having to interrupt your employees from working. In the event I need to immediately log into their computer, I can do it within a matter of seconds.

Guaranteed SLA timeline

Impact First Response to Ticket Closed Ticket

  • Minor 4 hours 1 Business Day
  • Major 3 hours 6 hours
  • Crisis 2 hour 4 hours

Asset Tracking

Including hardware distribution, software inventory, operating system distribution, antivirus licensing status, hard drive usage, hardware(CPU,memory) with alert on upgrade required, detailed server and workstation configuration/status


Custom scripting to automate installing software across the entire company as needed

Transparent Reporting

Reporting to show your system’s infrastructure/health at a glance

Integrated ticketing system for employees to create a ticket that immediately notifies me

Cloud Hosting


Application or Data server hosting such as Quickbooks or backups

IT Support


Project work such as setting up new servers, setting up exchange, moving over to Office 365


General desktop support

Server Support

General server support (Active Directory, IIS, Network Design, virtualization, Windows and Linux administration, etc)

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